Terms of Use

1) Provider

iAppHost and all of it's services are provided by Reflare UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Britzer Str. 9, 12439, Berlin, Germany, Company Registration: HRB 125452 B

2) Services Provided

Upon receiving payment, Reflare UG will provide the following services to the customer:

a) Set up of iAppHost account with the customer's domain name or a subdomain of iapphost.com

b) Set up of OSTicket if included in the purchased plan

c) Storage for uploading resources through the iAppHost interface

d) Bandwidth required for viewing the site

e) Daily backups of all uploaded contents and the database. The backup will only keep the latest version of the site at any given time for emergency recovery purposes.

f) In case of a server outage, Reflare UG will make a best effort to restore availability of the Application within 24 hours. The customer agrees that Reflare UG will not be held responsible for any financial damagers resulting from such downtime.

g) Reflare UG reserves the right to take all steps it deems required to protect the Application and/or the underlying server hardware from attacks, including but not limited to the automated or manual blocking of access from IP addresses and user accounts

Reflare UG shall not be held responsible or issue a refund if one or more of the services above can not be provided due to the customer not reacting to email inquiries.

3) Ownership

a) Reflare UG is the sole owner and holds the copyright to the iAppHost application and all associated server infrastructure and design. This includes the provided themes.

b) The customer is the sole owner of all images and texts uploaded through iAppHost.

c) The customer agrees to only upload materials to which he/she holds the copyright to iAppHost. The customer takes the legal responsibility should copyrighted materials not owned by the customer be uploaded to iAppHost.

4) Contents

a) Reflare UG shall not be held liable for loss of contents.

b) Contents may not be of pornographic nature.

c) Contents may not be unrelated to iPhone or iPad apps.

d) Upon termination of the contract, Reflare UG will delete all of the customer's data.

5) Termination

a) The account may be terminated by both parties at the end of a given payment month.

b) The customer may terminate the contract by clicking the "Cancel" button in the Admin Control Panel or contacting support.

c) If the customer cancels the contract during a payment month, Reflare UG will continue to provide the service until the month ends and then shut down the user's account.

d) Reflare UG reserves the right to immediately terminate a contract without prior notice or refund if the customer should violate one or more points of this agreement or is unable to pay.

6) Updates

Reflare UG will update the iAppHost software and server infrastructure at it's sole discretion.

7) Governing Law and Arbitration

This Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Germany. In the event of any dispute arising out of the interpretation of the Contract, the parties shall use their best endeavors to resolve the dispute amicably. In the absence of a resolution, the dispute shall be referred to the binding arbitration of two per- sons, one selected by each party, or their mutually agreed umpire. Such arbitration shall take place within two months of either party notifying the other in writing of the relevant dispute.

8) Severability of Parts

In the event that any portion or portions of this Contract shall be held, or any reason, to be invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining portion or portions shall nevertheless be valid, enforceable, and carried into effect.

9) Whole Contract

This Contract replaces any previous contracts made between the customer and Reflare UG in relation to iAppHost.